A little bit about me? I won’t tell you much about my identity just yet, but I am a non-liberal and recent New York City transplant. It’s beautiful because prior to relocating, my interactions were mostly limited to talking to people with similar upbringings and viewpoints, minus the whole non-liberal thing. Almost all of my life-long and newly made friends are ragingly liberal – but hey, I’m okay with that. The point is, I hear many points of view, which results in me having to do a lot of independent research, as my goal is to enlighten myself with the truth. I’ve always been a fan of just diving into things head first, and I’ve been learning a whole lot.

Because of this, I have decided to create a website to share the information in which I have discovered because many people seem to be wildly misinformed, or plainly lied to by the media and liberal educators pushing an agenda. The current state of journalism and reporting by the mainstream media is causing a massive divide not only in America, but globally, which may lead humanity down a dark and dangerous road. Thus leading to my ultimate goal. Fairly deliver facts and truths in order to ask you… what do you really think when you really think for yourself?

Oh yeah, I’m also a millennial.


PSA: I am just getting this website started which is the reason for the lack of content. For more information please visit the ? page.