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The Real Barack Obama

One day after being sworn in as POTUS, Barack Obama signed an EO sealing his own personal records in the name of “transparency and the rule of law,” ringing in a “new era of openness.”

The dark side of Walt Disney.

“If the world only had the eyes to see the fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they’d tar and feather him, and drag him through the streets. If only they knew Disney’s primary goals.”

Looking back at Notre Dame burning.

Now that it’s been a couple months and everyone has forgotten, I thought it would be interesting to look back at Notre Dame and what was happening at the time. Could it have been a false flag and ignited on purpose? Yeah, prob. Let’s take a look

What’s up with the Vatican?

What’s up with the Vatican? Could it be that the Vatican has been infiltrated by the Illuminati over the course of many years? Yeah, duh. It’s pretty easy to see actually. Let’s dive in.

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